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Kinshasa or Kin la belle as they call it, is the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital and the second biggest country in Africa. A city so huge it can take you years to discover. So chaotic, yet so beautiful. Kinshasa, is a place like that cannot go unnoticed as there are so many things to see and do here.

Kinshasa is one of those destination that should be well planned in advance, to be fully prepared for the experience you’re about to live. There are so many things to see and many places to visit. If you want like to get the most of it, then you should see it at both day and night Here in Kinshasa, everyday is a weekend. People want nothing more than to go out have some fun with friends and loved ones. Kinshasa has only two weathers, dry season and rainy season. During the rainy season, it rains and it’s usually hot and sunny. During dry season, the weather is usually cooler.

As Congo is rich in culture and food, you won’t get tired with all those little things you’ll get to try. Local food includes many types of vegetables (pundu, fumbwa, matembele, ndunda, etc.)

To really get to know Kinshasa, you should start by those little things that really make this city. Behind all those tall buildings and modern like places, there are many hidden gems that would make you fall in love with it with each passing day. Looking back at two years ago, I realized how much changes that city has known. Ten years ago, the capital city was so different and far from the modern version we have now.

Kinshasa isn’t that expensive compared to other African capital cities. With a good budget and great management you could live with little money and still have some fun and eat well. Shopping in Kinshasa wouldn’t cost you much if you like to buy second-hand stuffs. There are many of them available and almost everywhere. You just need to know where the good spots are. For more, read the full article at

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