8 Reasons to Visit the Philippines

A few years back, if someone had suggested that I visit the Philippines, I wouldn’t have considered it at all. It’s just that it didn’t interest me and I never considered it. Well, as life is always full of surprises, I ended up going there and it was definitely one of the best things that happened to me.

During the summer of 2014, after looking at so many schools abroad, I decided to study acting in the Philippines. More precisely in Cebu. It was one of those unexpected things that happen in life. Without much thoughts, I applied at the chosen school, packed my stuffs and left on the night of October 26th of that same year. The idea of living on a new continent seemed exciting and I thought to myself why not? It could be a great opportunity for me to visit a continent and a country I knew very little of and learn about a different culture. Today, as I sit here, happily writing about my experience, I am so glad to have gotten the opportunity and the chance to go there. I have to say it has become one of my favorite countries and I’ll definitely go back there again if I ever havve the chance. Going to the Philippines is always a good idea and here’s why:

  1. The people

Oh, Filippinos! Such wonderful people. Being the friendliest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met, Filipinos make their country a place worth visiting. Whether you’re riding a taxi, buying something or talking to people on the streets, you can never fail to miss the kindness and friendliness of these people. They are always ready to welcome you with open arms. Seeing a foreigner in their country brings in them some kind of joy and curiosity. They want to know where you’re coming from and what you think about their country and why you’ve decided to go there. Always smiling and charming!

  1. The beaches

Known for its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, the Philippines is the ideal place if you’re looking for some water adventure or just a quick dip in the water. During high season, most of the beaches are crowded, and during low season, the beaches are less crowded, which gives a feeling that you have it all to yourself. There are 7107 islands in the Philippines, so finding a secluded beach is one easy task. For some Island-hopping, beach lovers should head straight to either Visayas or Palawan!

  1. Bohol

If you visit the Philippines, going to Bohol is a must! At least you’d get to see the famous Chocolate Hills you’ve heard so much about. While on the island, don’t forget to check out the tarsier sanctuary where you’ll get to see the cutest and tiniest creatures ever and when you’re done, head to panglao beach for some beach massage or some snorkeling!

  1. The waterfalls

There’s at least one in each region across the country. The Visayas and Northern Mindanao hold the most number of falls in the Philippines.

  1. Adventure

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you’re just looking for some fun, the Philippines is the right place for you. From Trekking in the North of Luzon, to water sports in the Visayas, and kite boarding in Boracay, there’s something for everyone to boost your adventurous pulse. Don’t miss out on kayaking, windsurfing, diving or snorkeling!

  1. The resorts

Did someone just say resorts? Yes! You read that right, the Philippines islands hold more resorts than you could ever imagine and most of them are pretty affordable. While some have their own private beach, others don’t and that’s okay because you’ll find one nearby.

  1. The festivals

Numerous festivals are held in the Philippines throughout the year. Those are the times when the streets are colorful and everyone seems to be in good spirit. During the month of January, the Ati-Atihan festival is held in Kalibo, Aklan, in honor of the Santo Niño, as well as the Sinulog festival which takes place in Cebu during the third Sunday of January.

  1. It’s Cheap

Up until now, I don’t think I’ve seen a country as cheap as the Philippines. Most of the islands are very affordable. With $20 a night, you can easily get a hotel room on the beach (don’t expect anything luxurious).

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